Welcome to my professional web site where I express my interests, showcase some of my work, share ideas and communicate the skills and services I offer to institutions and individuals that require them.

All You Need To Know About Joshua

As a Web Application Developer / Systems Analyst who has been in the business of making web applications and web-sites I have come to realise that the art of web development and web site design is directly related to the openness of communication between a business that knows what it wants to achieve from its web presence and the institutions that actually implement those web applications.


The resultant product is a reflection of that communication and how well stake-holders in a web project use the results of this channel in achieving a unified goal. Usability is a must and user-friendliness is prerequisite for web-site or web application development success.


Understanding a businesses requirements and aspirations that brought the need for an online solution is part and parcel of the web application design and implementation process. This sets the stage for proper requirement specification and documentation which inevitably leads to proper project objectives being outlined for referral during and after the project's life-cycle


I offer custom built web sites and user specified web components to fulfill business needs and refresh an organisation's web presence.

Content Management Systems

As part of my skill-set I have vast knowledge of a number of user-friendly, extensible, and easy to maintain content management systems (CMSs).

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Web Design

As a designer I have working knowledge of the following applications I mainly use Photoshop and Dreamweaver as my primary design tool-set.

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Application Design Process

Most organisations require more specified web applications that are unique to their business needs and as such would require the services of a web developer in addition to basic web design.

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